Error webhook operations

Hi @Alvin_Maxwell,

Welcome to the Make community! Could you share with us the advanced settings of the webhook, the settings of the scenario, and could you check the logs of the webhook to see if Make did receive the webhook each time?

At the end of the video, it seemed like your issue was not existent any more. You enabled the webhook and turned the scenario on. The last 2 webhooks were accepted. You should be able to find this in the webhook logs.

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Welcome to the Make community!

  1. Is the scenario turned on?

  2. Do you see this message / are there any queued items in the Webhook queue?

Turn your scenario off and then on again. It will prompt you to delete all the data in the queue, or process all the older requests first.

You might need to clear your existing webhook queue before the newer data is processed. Click “Show queue” and delete all of the data, to only process new incoming webhooks from now on.

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I tried that it did not work. I am not pulling no data from the CRM, but it’s saying it was sent from my CRM. I can do a zoom if it helps. How can I clear the old webhook I’ve deleted and retired the process twice. I even tried changing the way its activated from pipeline change to tag updated.