Error when trying to update item's value

Hey there,
I get an error at the end of the scenario:
The operation failed with an error. [500] 809: unexpected token at '{ “null”:…)

I’m trying to build a scenario in which I trigger a scenario on and then create an event on Google Calendar.
Once the event is created, I want to post the event link on the board in order to be able to update the item on once the event is changed on Google Calendar.

I managed to create the event on the calendar but I didn’t succeed to post the event link to the board.
Any suggestions?

Many thanks!

Sounds like the data input is in a wrong format.
If you can provide a screenshot of the last modul in edit mode. I can maybe see the problem this way.

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Thank you
I managed to solve that

Hey, Can you share how you solved it ?

Yes, it was a JSON format issue.
In addition, in order to update the Timeline column you must send the start and end dates.
This is how the final module looks like

Let me know if you have more questions.

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