Error with Microsoft 365 Excel - Add a Table Row

I have a scenario that encounters errors every time it runs automated. I have it set to capture incomplete executions. When I re-run the scenario in the incomplete execution screen, it always runs successfully without making any changes to the scenario.

Step 1 Watch Email Parsed: Get a web hook from Mailparser is sending a table of information from a parsed email.

Step 2 Tools-Sleep: Sleep for 5 seconds to not overload the next step

Step 3 Microsoft 365 Excel-Add a Table Row: The last step adds the table from the mailparser webhook to an existing Excel table in MS 365 Excel. The table could be as short as one row. This step is where the error occurs, “[429] We’re sorry. We ran into a problem completing your request.”

Any ideas why MS365 Excel is encountering this error and how to fix it?