eSignatures to webhook to next scenario

Hey maker.
Im very very new at this, im trying to look around for this particular question i have around youtube or make academy but cant find it.

Im trying to create a scenario where :
Signed document from esignatures + paid payment through stripe creates an automation where :

  • the new client receive a email with information about facebook groups, discord server and community stuff
  • creates a slack message (thats okay, it works perfectly)

However, i found this regarding my Double trigger scenario : Multiple Triggers Per Scenario but i dont understand how to go from 1 trigger (signed document) to a webhook AND from a webhook, send an email from whatever email marketing platform.

Like is said, very new to all this especially webhook.
Just need guidance here


The first scenario should end with the HTTP - Make a request module to send the request to the webhook that would start the second scenario. The second scenario needs to start with the webhook module and please add its URL into the URL field of the HTTP module.

Hope this points you in the right direction, thanks.