Explore the Make.com Scenario Editor

:white_check_mark: Video Summary:
In this Make.com Masterclass, we’ll be exploring the features of the Make.com Scenario Editor. This powerful tool can help you create and test scenarios quickly and easily.

:white_check_mark: Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
0:26 The Scenario Editor
0:48 Adding Modules
2:31 Error Handlers
3:14 Renaming Modules
3:40 Copy and Cloning Modules
4:55 Adding Notes
5:07 Scheduling
7:38 Running Scenario, Saving
7:49 Previous Versions
8:20 Scenario Settings
8:25 Scenario Notes
8:40 Exporting and Importing Scenario Blueprints
9:16 Flow Control, Tools, Text Parser
9:44 Scenario History
10:05 Naming Scenarios
11:20 Adding a Router to a Scenario

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