Extract notion content as a PDF and Send it

Hello !
Well, i spent my all day trying to find how to export as a pdf properly the presentation of my page…

-i create a database
-Each new line is a made with a template in Notion with a design “ready” to export in PDF.
-i want now to make automatisation and i really don’t find.

  • i want just to keep my page (everything) as it appear on my screen and export it as a PDF.

I already tried google docs but i m not able to keep the exact design of the content.
I tried the API of notion as i saw on the blog but it’s the same problem…
I also was looking for “notion to HTML” but I m not enough good to understand how to manage it…
And I also tried “list page contents” but it is unfortunetelly impossible to keep the deign of the page…

Well, i really sure that there a solution, a obvious one… I m sorry, i m a young padawan in MAKE, but i m stubborn, and want to understand :wink:
CADARACHE - TA VISA n°16.pdf (452.4 KB)

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Do you have a scenario to share? What exactly is the issue you are having?

I know you said the design gets messed up when you try to get the Notion page into another format. In what ways does it get messed up? The pdf you attached looks ok except it is on two pages instead of one. Is that the way it is getting messed up?

You can download a page as a PDF from within Notion which works pretty nicely. You also download a page as Markdown and HTML

If you are trying to automate the process, what are the steps you need? You need Notion to get a page and download or convert it to PDF and then send it. Does something happen before that?

What modules are you using to convert or print to PDF?


Hi ! thanks a lot for your answer.
Well, the PDF attached is one i did without MAKE and this is result i want with the automation.
My scenario is:
-watch a database to see updated pages
-get the database item
-get a page (just to get the info of title of the project)
-then i want to get all the page that was updated as a PDF and keep the design.
-then send it directly to the people concerned by the page.

Well i succed to do everything execpt transform the page as a PDF.
I know how to do manuelly with notion, but the aim is to make a scenario…

I don’t succed to get all the design of the page in google docs…

Well, i’m also trying the module with “notion to html”, but for the moment …no success…
i have an error .

{"object":"error","status":400,"code":"invalid_json","message":"Error parsing JSON body."}

i don’t know how to solve it …

Try using the Notion Get a Page module instead of Notion Get a Page Content. My understanding is the Notion Get a Page Content is if you want to get an element like one block on the page rather than the whole page.

There is also an HTML to PDF module to try.

Check out these templates that are similar to what you are trying. They do not use Notion so you will have to swap Notion in. The first one is really close to what you are trying.

Create PDF Files on Google Drive from data model records in Betty Blocks | Make





Have you tried just making the Notion document public and try to get a web scraping app/module to download/save as PDF?

If this is possible I think it will save you a lot of trouble since you don’t have to extract notions blocks, which can be very troublesome.


Hi @samliew !
Thanks for the answer,
well it seems to be a good idea
I’m working on it but not really easy,
I succed to scrap some data/picture from the URL but i don’t know how to bring it back to a google docs then a PDF … Or directly to a PDF …