🎥 Facebook Lead Ads Q&A Session

Hey Makers :wave:

Yesterday, our App Solutions Architect Dan and I hosted our first community session and here I am with a quick follow-up post.

A while ago, we asked if there was anything you’d like to know about the FB Lead Ads modules and their automation. We went over your valuable feedback, we identified the most common challenges and we built the session around them.

:coconut: In a nutshell, Dan showed us nifty tips & tricks related to:

  • Listening for all your forms with one scenario
  • Testing your Facebook Lead Ads scenarios
  • Preventing duplicate leads in your target apps
  • Dealing with different field names

:nerd_face: We also addressed some extra questions that emerged such as:

  • Can we listen to just chosen forms and exclude others?
  • Is it possible to reload leads that have already run?
  • Is it possible to format phone numbers or dates?

Check out the recording and learn all the hacks we covered

Helpful Resources:

FB Lead Ads testing tool: Log into Facebook
Blueprint of the scenario from the session:
fb lead ads.json (84.7 KB)

Note: In case you wanna check out the scenario “from the inside” you can import the blueprint into your editor:

Awesome knowledge nuggets in here :muscle::sunglasses:

Thank you so much :pray:

This was really helpful!

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Great video! I figured out a way to repush the leads. You can download the FB leads in a CSV file.

Then have the trigger be a watch new rows google sheet. Have 3 columns, Page ID, Form ID, and Lead ID. (When you download the leads from Facebook remove the l: from the ID number, trick is to search “l:” and then in the replace field with nothing and it will search and delete the “l:”).

Paste the leads from the CSV file in your Google Sheet.

Hope this helps someone who needs to repush leads!


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Yep, this is certainly an option. Though, you need to get the manual exported CSV first.

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I would like to add a possible solution to the question “Is it possible to reload leads that have already run?“

In this case I use module “Watch Leads“, where you can choose where to start the data collection. This way I am loading leads that have been collected before the scenario creation.

Hope it helps!


Heya @Dominik_Proficio welcome to the community and thanks so much for sharing your solution with us! We appreciate that big time :pray:

@Dominik_Proficio - hey, you are right indeed.

I must have been confused with a different app where once the lead is processed, it cannot be pulled via Watch Leads either. It’s probably the case for LinkedIn, but clearly not for Facebook so thanks for correcting me.

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Hi. Can you tell me which module can be used in a scenario that listens to all forms to get the following data:
Did not find a suitable module.