FB leads to Google sheets is draining my operations significantly

We run FB leads ads on Meta and I want to list all the new leads in Google Sheets table. Sooo I started by creating a scenario that is supposed to be turned on every time a new lead is created, but I was not able to make it work.

I then found this solution by a make.com Q&A that had been discussed and shown here 🎥 Facebook Lead Ads Q&A Session and then I used the blueprint from this to create my own. I was able to create a scenario that 1) goes through the existing FB leads IDs and based on that filter, it only ads new leads to the table as new row.

BUT!!! what is happening is, the “Get a form” and “Search rows” modules are running significantly more times then there is a need for - right now the form that i connected to this scenario has 53 leads while these two modules try to run something over 100 times EACH, so that increases the number of operations per each run significantly.

What do I do wrong? I feel that “get a form” is extra and does not need to be there, but is there some more economic way to run this without getting the 10 000 operations per month drain in two days? Thanks!!

blueprint.json (61.1 KB)

Welcome to the Make community!

If you are searching whether something exists, you only need to return a single item (limit bundles/results to 1).


Thanks a lot for your reply!
So do you think this might to the trick?