Facebook Lead Gen & MailChimp Double Opt In


I have successfully connected my Facebook Lead Ads to my MailChimp account to automate the lead transfer. However, I would like to ensure that these leads receive a double opt-in email from MailChimp before they are fully synced to my account. Could you guide me on how to set this up?

Hi @Jean-Pierre_Ras,

Welcome to the Make community! This question seems related to Mailchimp, not Make. I advice you to check Mailchimpā€™s resource to find an answer to your questions.

However, In the Audience defaults settings of your audience, you should find a setting called ā€˜Enable double opt-inā€™. This should send contacts an opt-in confirmation email when they subscribe to your audience.

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Hi Henk,

Thank you for your response.

I have actually activated the double opt-in feature in my MailChimp account, but it seems that people are still bypassing it. This made me wonder if there might be an issue with the settings in Make.

To clarify, are there any specific settings in Make that I need to adjust, or is everything controlled within MailChimp?

It might be that contacts added to your audience via API are not within scope for the double opt-in email: Quote from ā€œAbout Double Opt-in | Mailchimpā€

Although there seems to be an option to ā€˜mimicā€™ the invitation via API: Realize Mailchimp Double-Opt-In with API 3.0 - Stack Overflow

So try to set the status of new subscribes to ā€˜pendingā€™ why adding in Make:


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Thanks Henk, I will try that.