Facebook Leads Ads Webhook error on creation - "Please reduce the amount"


I’m always stuck and keep getting this error when I create a webhook:

Failed to load data!
Please reduce the amount of data you’re asking for, then retry your request (1, ).

I did Verify and Reauthorize my connections.

What is this? why is it always happening?

Still got this error even in a brand new scenario…

I’m still stuck!
no one??

It’s an intermittent Facebook API error. Toggle the Map option and just enter the page ID manually


Much appreciate for your response!
What is “Page ID”? Where I find this for the specific page I need?

You can find the page ID here: https://www.facebook.com/help/1503421039731588

This needs to be entered into the Page ID box on Make, after you have toggled the Maps switch.

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Thank you for you answer! I found it :slight_smile:

Now I got another problem, after I finished with Facebook Lead ads, I can’t find the field data of the other module (Google sheets):

Lines- B, C and D has to be: Name, Phone and Email.
It’s like can’t find the facebook data fields values.

There are the correct values from another scenario:

What is going on here?

Sometimes you need to run a module before it will populate the fields. Right click the Leads module, and click Choose where to start.

Use Choose Manually and pick a lead. Then you can right click again and select Run this module only.

This should then populate additional fields in the context menu of other modules, if they appeared in the example lead you just processed.


I did it but still, no relevant field data doesn’t appear.

Very strange, Constantly encountering strange and changing phenomena