🔥 Feature Spotlight: Improved templates

Hey Makers :wave:

We’ve come bearing great news today! Our templates now offer an enhanced user experience. Let me walk you through the improvements, and then you can give them a try yourself. :tada:

There are three parts to this enhancement:

1. Flexibility

Explore the templates freely and jump from module to module in any order you prefer.

2. Module icons

Modules now have three types of badges for a more structured and organized experience.

  • Not touched Property_1_empty.png

  • In progress Property_1_Warning.png

  • Correctly set Property_1_Success.png

3. Side panel

After completing your setup, you will see a side panel with the next steps, i.e. the options to run, schedule, and edit the scenario.

Helpful Resources:

:make: Find more information about the improvements in our Release notes.


I love hearing about all the new features like these designed to help guide users to get onboarded onto and using Make :slightly_smiling_face: