🔥 Feature Spotlight: Enhanced App Search

Hey Makers :wave:

Today, we want to introduce our newest product update, Enhanced App Search! Let’s have a look at the exciting improvements together! :people_hugging:

:zap: Getting your scenarios up and running swiftly and seamlessly is crucial. That’s why we are excited to unveil our improved in-product App Search designed to help you discover applications and build scenarios at lightning speed!

:exploding_head: What to expect?

  • Improved search speed reliability
  • Apps related to your keyword surface appear in search with added insights into available modules for improved discovery
  • Recently used apps float to the top for a speedy build
  • New right-hand bar for quick access to common tools and functions


The speed increase alone is awesome :star_struck:


Very cool!!

Two things which we’ve discovered:

  1. Invited/Own apps are looking bad:

  2. Specific icons for the different flow control modules are missing. You need to hover it to know which is which:

And if I could wish, it would be nice if you could determine the modules yourself in the quick access on the right. :fire:


Thanks for the report.
We are working on the fix for both problems. You will see the improvement soon.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


I would like to confirm that problems identified by Blinno are fixed. Happy searching :mag:



I still see some missing logos of custom/private apps. I deleted cache/cookies but the issue still occurs in both Chrome and Safari.

The image that fails to load links to /static/img/packages/app#collmexx-z73nx4_32.png where it actually should be /static/img/apps/collmexx-z73nx4_32.png



I have been using the new make app search (and subsequent module search) for a bit now and I have come to the conclusion that I am not a real fan of it, Let me explain.


  • The faster search speed is fantastic!

  • Apps used in a scenario appearing in the top, also a great addition!

Cons (in no particular order)

  • The new UI frame that shows the apps (and modules) is a lot smaller than the old one, meaning that you don’t see as many results at once. If you’re working with an app that has many similarly named modules, it can be hard to find the right one.

  • The apps and modules have slightly more padding around them in the list, making the above even more apparent and difficult to work with.

  • When you are inside an app and see the modules listed; you are not able to search on just keywords but have to use exact wording. For instance:
    -‘Create an Item’ module, in Monday.com App, will not appear when you search for ‘Create Item’. you HAVE to include ‘an’ for it to work.
    -Similarly with ‘List Board’s Items’, where you used to be able to type ‘list Items’ and see all modules that allow you to list items. Now you need to manually search through the whole list.

  • Icons for modules are now vertically centered, meaning that modules with a longer name and/or description will look kind of wonky (as my colleague calls it :wink: ) .

  • My biggest issue however, is that you can no longer click and drag a module from the list, into the scenario, you have to click, wait, click and drag. And every time I forget this, I have to go through all of the above, to find the right module again.


  • When you hover over an app you can see if it is ‘verified’ or ‘built in’ etc. Why not just show that at all times, maybe by just showing a badge symbol for the different types, that way we can see at a glance what type of app it is, instead of having to mouse over every single app. A mouse-over can then simply provide additional detail, by showing the full name of the badge.

  • Additionally, why not make ‘verified’ and ‘built-in’, ‘enterprise’ and ‘community’ (and similar terms, for instance ‘subscribed’ or ‘owned’) searchable?

I hope this feedback helps! :heart:


I agree with everything.