Feed a scenario with 2 different webhooks

In Airtable I have a form that fills a database. When a user fills in the form, a new Airtable entry is created with data from the form (e.g. email, name, etc.).

I am using Make.com to trigger 2 Stripe API Calls: 1) to create a new account ID, 2) to create the account onboarding form (a URL).

The user journey should be:

  1. user clicks the submit button in the airtable form
  2. be redirected to the Stripe URL for account onboarding (Stripe step 2 above)

This has been achieved with the following flow, which works!

So far, I am missing:
A) The Webhook sent from the Airtable Form is only a basic webhook and doesn’t bring any data with it (i.e. the email, name, etc.). I had to create a separate webhook in Airtable Automations so that when a new Airtable entry is created, a second webhook is fired, carrying with it the intended data. (here I am doing something similar to what’s shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZWpZ7lgEqs&ab_channel=BusinessAutomated! ). The data in this webhook (email, name, etc.) is fed into the Stripe flows.

B) Once the Stripe flows are triggered by the Airtable Form “Submit” button, and once the Stripe flows are fed with the data from the Airtable Automations data-rich webhook, I want the output from the Stripe flows (the URL for the Account Onboarding) to be sent back as a redirect response to the Webhook triggered by the “Submit” button in the Form.

I am struggling to get the 2 webhook instances in the same Scenario, and to get the two webhooks to feed into the same Stripe module.

How could I merge the information from this second webhook into this flow, and output the URL into the webhook response of the “Submit” button webhook?