Form input value validation from a list


First time user of Make here. :wave: I’m trying to figure out if (and how) it would be possible to create this with Make:

I have a list of numbers in a Google Sheets document. They’re numbers assigned to clients, every client has an unique number. I want to build an online ordering form with Webflow, in which there’s one form input field that accepts only certain values (the client numbers) from a list (Google Sheets). If the value isn’t correct, the form won’t be sent and it shows an error message.

I figured I should create a scenario where:

  1. Any changes to the Google Sheets document (new, updated or deleted client number) gets automatically updated to the Data store in Make
  2. When someone tries to submit the online form, Data store checks the existence of a record. If it exists, the form is submitted. If not, it shows an error message and the form isn’t sent forward.

Would this be something too complex to do for a first timer? Does anyone know any recourses to help me achieve this?

Hey @rudeism,

This is something certainly doable with Make (however ideally people would be creating scripts to do that since make is an integration platform) if you want to quickly set it up, and here are the steps:

Webflow: When the user clicks submit button, you have to write a script in webflow that opens a webhook URL with form data as query string provided by

Make steps:

  1. When webhook is opened
  2. Check in google sheet if no# is valid
  3. If yes, move the data to your desired place (airtable, google sheet).
    If no, send a webhook response with an error that will be displayed on user browser