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Is anyone else having problems getting formulas to work properly in Lately I’ve been having all kinds of problems, and it’s seeming like it’s more than just a formula issue but instead like something is really broken between Make and monday.

The most recent problem is that I can’t even get Make to simply add 2 numbers together and post the result in a monday column. One of the numbers it calculates itself, and that seems to go fine (even though it’s using board number columns do so, but it works). The second number comes straight from a column. For some reason, Make just won’t recognize that number as a number and seems to be seeing it as text instead (even though it calculated and posted the number itself a few steps earlier!) As a result, it just won’t add properly because it thinks it’s trying to add “some text” plus a number. I’m at my wits end.

Just wondering if anyone else is having these issues lately - it seems to have started a couple or few weeks ago, in multiple client accounts. Never had issues like this previously with Make+monday.

Here are some examples of the numerous ways I’ve been trying to get this to work, although I’m certain it’s never going to work until Make properly recognizes a number column as a number.

Another of my attempts to make a formula work:

And yet another attempt:

Similar formula failures on a different board with different number columns:



I also saw this issue recently, I use the parseNumber variable on every number that comes from a numbers column.

Hope this helps


Always good to know you’re not the only one! :slightly_smiling_face: I tried parsing the numbers (in one permutation) in the final formula, which still failed; I’m going to try it on the variable when I first store it and see if it saves it as a proper number.

For anyone in the future who reads this, I solved this particular problem by just always now parsing number columns from monday. They are coming in as RAW text format - a string - and not as numbers (except not always, every so often it reads it as a number!), so I just parsed every single number and then formulas worked as expected.

In the bigger picture, I’m running into issues all over the place with monday suddenly. Status columns, if empty, are now coming in as plain text (except not always!) - so if you told your filter to look at the drilldown label of the usual collection format of a status column, it will fail because that data isn’t there. So now I’m having to tell every filter to look at both cases, the status column as the usual collection and as a plain text column.

People columns have also changed their behavior recently, and no longer just add a person to any existing people in a column; instead it overwrites. You also can’t add multiple people at once in a straightforward manner like before - now you have to format it as an array, otherwise it only adds the first person and stops.

All kinds of changes in behavior lately for a variety of columns. I’m wondering if it’s because of the changeover to the new mondayDB? Because the way Make is reading columns is the way monday is sending them over, which means it’s monday who has changed something. That’s my current theory.

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