Make an API Call - 401 error

I’m trying to update a project to the status Archived.

I can’t work out why I get a 401 error when I try to run this module. I am using the module elsewhere to create the projects. I have ensured that the API token I’m using has full permissions to create, update, delete, etc. Can anyone shed some light on it for me?

archive_status string

Archival status for this Project

Enum: “standard” “archiving” “unarchiving” “archived”

May be a capital A?
Or may be instead of status you have to use archive_status

Refer to this. Try on this to see if it works here and then use same parameters


Thanks. I just heard back from and apparently archiving is not supported by their public API. :frowning:

Thanks for your help though.

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Hello there @timjeffries :wave:

Thanks a lot for shining more light on this issue. We appreciate you keeping us in mind and informing the community about this. :pray:

Keep up the amazing job! :hibiscus:

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