From Gmail attachements to a sheets Dashboard

Hello everyone,

I’m a new user of Make and I need help with the following Task please :
I receive monthly data from my BI suite in my inbox (Gmail). I need to send this data automatically to a Sheet in order to use for a dashboard.COnsidering I receive this data every month, i need to put all of it in my Sheet with a column of the following month. My aim is to compile the data of all months in the same sheet and then have a dynamic dashboard.
My question is : How could I fullfill a specific sheet with raw data please ?
Thanks in advance

Hi @Omar_Bensad,
welcome to Make! :slight_smile:

This sounds definitely possible but to properly help you, I would need some more information on the data. Are we talking about x numbers? Are we talking about columns, sheets & charts?

If it’s “only” x numbers, you’d have to set up a Google Sheet and then either “add (a) Row” or “update (a) Row”, after getting the numbers out of your email.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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