From HTTP request, extract email and name and send a custom mail to each customer with their name


My scenario here is simple, I make a HTTP request that gives me both the email addresses and the names of different users (each user is in a different collection). From the result of the HTTP request I want to send to each user a mail containing their name, such as “Dear xxx, I hope you are doing well”, I managed to send a different mail to each address email received from the HTTP request with text parser, match elements, emails. However whenever I tried to customize the email with the name of the user it is not working, it either sends a mail without names, send a mail to each address emails with only the first name from the HTTP request, or it sends a mail with each names that i received from the HTTP request. Of course I don’t want to send an email to someone without the right name.

Thank you in advance for your time!

Hi @VicV,
great use-case!

You probably need the “iterator module” to iterate through the collection of users.

Then you can put in the e-mail & username from the output of the iterator module.

If you want to send every user an individualised (name) e-amil you will need one operation per user. If the content is not personalised you can also send all the e-mails in one operation.

Hope it helps!


Hey @Richard_Johannes!

I’ve been looking for a too complicated solution when the answer wasn’t that complicated! Thank you so much for your quick and clear answer! It was exactly what I needed!