Make - Monday: Getting the email address from several "People" columns

Hi there, for those of you who work with

I would like to send an email to several users, and to get their email address I’m using the “Get User” Module.

The thing is that I have several “People” columns, so I can get one user’s email and send him an email but once I try to get the email from multiple columns, I can only find the Output of 1 “Get user” module and not the others…

I hope I managed to explain myself without screenshots :blush:

Hmmm, seems like its working somehow now when I set one of the email results as a variable…

Not sure this is the proper way to do it.

Here is how it looks:

Hi @OmriNyx ,
Please setup like this in this way you have a dynamic result based on how many user is coming ,

combine all of the user in one place and iterate on them and then put a filter for each user and send message

You can combine all user in one and then separate by comma and then iterate it on them and then send message based on user

thank you

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Thanks @CodexSolutions you gave me a good direction, especially with the first module: Set Multiple Variables, which I will use to get all the Users IDs.

I will paste here the final route of the scenario after I complete it…

Many thanks !!! :trophy:

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@CodexSolutions Any ideas how I can use only 1 email Module?

I basically succeeded in doing what you suggested. I can also filter between both emails address I receive from the iterator, and send separate emails, but my goal is to combine both on the same email so that all recipients be on the same email.



Hi @OmriNyx

To get all users and their email, please try to use List Users Module.

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Yes you can do that if you want to combine all of the emails and send only one email please use array aggregrator after the get a user and then combine it on email and then email module and pass all the arrays results into To recipients field.


thank you @Msquare_Automation Thats a good tip for when I would like to get ALL users info (-: (In this case I need only some) so lets see what will consume more Operations…

Hi @OmriNyx this is what I meant

, thank you

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hmmmm, still having some challenges here.

First of all to my understanding, I can only put single emails on each “To” field, for example 2 emails will look like this:

Otherwise I dont mind putting all emails in one long string separated by “;” if would be possible.

Back to the scenario, when I try to map the emails from either the Array Aggregator or Set Multiple Parameters, I can see only one result to map even though I can see 2 results in the Outputs:

Here are the results of the Array Aggregator:

So if I map the “Email address” to the Email address field on the Email module, how do I know which one is going into which one? Even if I don’t need to know which one is which one, if I choose" Email address" from the aggregator it will return only one value…

Hi please do this step in that case your target will be the send mail module

and on next step map the array

thank you


Thanks @CodexSolutions Thats a good idea, I will try it.