Send an Email to a customer with multiple Email Addresses

A QuickBooks customer may have multiple emails (1 to 4 emails). I’m trying to email the customer using Gmail but I’m getting an error in the Gmail module "Missing value of required parameter ‘to’. I’ve tried many things from converting to array and mapping and splitting, etc.

How can I get the email to be sent to all the email addresses in a customer’s account?

Hey @Baruch_Pappo,

unfortunately, I’m not sure how to manually map multiple email addresses into 1 module. I also get the validation error.

Here is a solution you can implement to handle this situation.

Have a router with 4 routes. Each route would send the email to either 1,2,3, or 4 emails

Step 1: Convert that primary email to an array of emails. It appears like you would need to replace the commas with emptystrings and then split this by newline. (You may need to use a different approach depending on how they are actually separated in the output)

Step 2: Setup your filter for each route, where you would use the length of the array calculated in step1. For example filter for sending to 1 email: length(array) = 1.

Step 3: Clone your Gmail module and then map your recipients. For example if you’re in route 2 (2 emails), in the first box get(array);1, and in the second get(array);2


@Baruch_Pappo Found the better way to do this:

Setup a parse Json module like so:

Then in your email select the manual map option and enter the results of the parse json module:

I tested it and it works


Split your email string by commas to create an array:


Or manually add them to a new array



Thank you! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work.

With split I get an error:

The second option is not available since the email is not separated to pick email1, email2 email3:

I think I found a solution. Using Iterator:

Step 1: split emails

Step 2: Use Iterator

Step 3: Send Emails

It didn’t work both times, because you didn’t turn on the Map function when using the array variable.


What you’re doing now is send three emails to three recipients, instead of one email with three “to” recipients.


Very cool…you learn something new every day. Thank you!!!

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No problem, glad I could help!

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