Get first/one operation output only

Dear Community,

I’m struggling to get only one result out of a module for futher processing.
Already tried it with an aggregator, but the output are multiple operations again.

Here are some screenshots:

I hope, there is a solution for that. The search function did not help that much…

Have a nice day,


Hello @Dag and welcome to the community.

Can you please send us a screenshot with the whole scenario after you run it and one screenshot with your setup from “Array aggregator” module.

For the “Array aggregator” module the source have to be the initial module from where you get multiple bundles.



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Here you are:

Anytime a module returns more than one bundle ALL subsequent parts of the automation will run once for each bundle…Unless you close the loop with an Array Aggregator. Your module is running 8 times because the Google Calendar [98] module is returning 8 events. Unless I am missing something, Your array aggregator should have the Google Calendar [98] as the starting point, not the Tools [107] module.