Get Function Not working Properly

Hello makers! I don’t know much but Get function is not working properly… It’s on major outage for me at least. I don’t know about others.

I enter the function like GET(SPLIT(TEXT;HTTPS);1) and it automatically turns to this GET(SPLIT(TEXT;HTTPS);“1”). Also 1 in the formula sometimes just disappears

Due to this i’m not getting the text output… i think this started at GMT 5 PM on 25th march. What’s the problem? Anyone from Make should look at this @Michaela
Turn to this
Original What I'm Setting Up

Is anyone else getting the same problem?


Yes! Me too!

I opened a couple tickets, as this started yesterday. My issue was with addDays function, where the variable for days will always add quotation marks like this rendering the function useless. This has caused some issues.

This happens to me on all modifications AND new ones created, so I cannot get past this issue. I have had to stop the scenario, as it read it as empty and went through and did some bad things with all of our data.

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I have this exact issue too with the GET function. I also have another formula (that doesn’t use GET) that also stopped working, although I’m not sure what the actual problem is. It used to work fine and I didn’t change it. I contacted support, hopefully they will respond soon because I can’t use the scenarios at all now without them screwing up my data.

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Hey guys!

Thanks so much for bringing up these issues here :pray:

The team is aware of some of the functions misbehaving and the issue is currently being addressed by our developers. I’ll keep a close eye on this and I’ll let you know as soon as this is resolved. We are so very sorry for the inconvenience.


Hola guys @here!

Just wanted to jump in and say that the issues with the functions should be fixed. Hopefully, they are working the way you want them to again. Thank you very much for your patience and sorry again for the trouble caused.

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