Google Calendar Invite only if email is present in Excel Spreadsheet

I have set up from a template an automation so when I fill in a row on my excel spreadsheet for a tour booking, it creates a calendar event and is working fine now, had issues but sorted it.

Some bookings come from Viator so i do not have an email address for them on those bookings, my automation sends an email invite, how can I make it so if there is no email in the spreadsheet it doesn’t try to send an email invite and potentially throw back an error message or will it just not send an invite?

So to summarize your problem:

*You are creating events based on a Google Spreadsheet.
*Some attendees don’t have the correct email addresses, which causes issues.

You can use one of two approaches to solve it.

1st - Turn on the “Map” function in the “Create an Event” module and use a function,
for example:

{{ifempty(“email from sheets”; {{null}})}}


2nd - You can set up a router with filters.
This option takes a few seconds more to set up but allows you to add other steps for attendees without email addresses.

To set up a filter, you can use the option that suits you best. It can be “contains @” or you can simply use {{length}} , which will calculate the email length in the spreadsheet. It all depends on other factors and the possible data entered by the user.


Have a nice day!


Apologies for the late reply I have been very busy with work.

Thanks very much for the pointers, I shall see if I can work this out as I am brand new to Make.

I shall let you know if I can get this to work.

Many thanks