Google connection

I created a google drive connection, few weeks ago,
I used it with a Google Drive Download module and i was abled to connect to my file.
I don’t understand why but today when I try it, I can’t open folders or file, and if I try to make a new connection I have this message:
It is not possible to use restricted scopes with customer accounts. For more information on how to connect restricted scopes visit our documentation.

But I am sure last week I could connect.


Hello, if you are using a Gmail account that is not a G Suite account, you must consider that the connection expires.

To prevent the expiration of your Google connection, we suggest you to reauthorize the connection every week.

I share the documentation:

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I came across this too and am looking for alternatives to using google drive/docs/sheets now. Can Microsoft onedrive with word/excel be a good replacement?

My current google flow is a jotform survey submission triggers the creation of a folder and pulls in copies of a doc and sheet template. The name of the folder as well as the contents of the templates have piped fields from the survey and it also sends share links to me to send to the client to edit/view the documents. I’ve had a little trouble finding the info to build this scenario with onedrive and word/excel.

Thanks so much for any insight

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Ok I use a gmail account can i automate the authorisation each week?

Not completely right @Francisco_Fontes .

@AndrewPoz & @north_american_cabin Take a look at another post I answered recently, and let me know if these steps help you solve this: Google Authentication issue: Status Code Error 400 - #13 by Bjorn.drivn

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