Google Doc / Map Document IF

I have created a scenario using the Google Docs module “Create a document from a template” in order to generate invoices from an Airtable Interface.
I am using the option “By Dropdown” when retreiving my google doc template and everything works fine.

I know have 2 different templates; the choice of the template to be used being a field in my Airtable table that contains the share link to the template
I modified my Make scenario using the option “By Mapping” to identify the google doc template:

My problem is that I do not understand what type of information is expected for the “Document ID”. I tried to pass the share link, but it does not work.

Can someone tell me how to correctly set the document ID when using the “By Mapping” option?

Thank you


Hello @PGH nice to meet you.

You need to map the Document ID not the share link to the template.
An easy way to find out your ID’s is to use “By Dropdown” option, select the template and switch to “By Mapping” and you will have the ID displayed in “Document ID” field.
Save the ID and get it from Airtable dynamically.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.


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Thank you Vlad

I saved the documentID in a text field “Test” in Airtable and I then mapped the document ID to Test:


As you can see in the screenshot, I cannot find any values to map as if the template was not loaded into make (it works fine with the same template when using the “By dropdown” option).

Did I miss something?




Example for “By Dropdown” method:

If you use By Mapping method, you have to add values manually, following this example:


Thank you Vlad, it is very clear