Google Doc Template: Selected document does not have any image

I am trying to generate a PDF from Airtable using a Google Doc Template.
The template is one page long and has 6 images and three texts. I want to change images from Airtable instead the ones that are in the template. When I load the Google Doc Template, I receive a message that there is no images inside the template. I try different ways of inserting the pictures in the template and also I make sure that the images are PNG.

Any one can tell me how to fix this? Many thanks in advance!

This is the template:

Hi :wave:t5:

I believe the issue will be caused by the image positioning/formatting.

Due to the limitations on Google Docs API’s side, the “Create a Document from a Template” module can detect only the images with “in line” positioning.
Other options are not being detected (= retrieved from the Google Docs API)

I would then recommend double-checking your images have the above positioning.

Thank you @Jobless_Tobacconist.
That´s what I realize testing.

The problem is that with that image configuration some of my templates get completely a mess.
It’s very difficult to make complex designs.

Google docs is not very powerful for a designer. To make invoices and those simple templates it is ok, but there is a lot to improve…

I am using now other PDF generators tools like PD Monkey.

Anyway, many thanks for your more deeply explanation.


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