Google Docs Template Placeholder with HTML

I have created a scenario where I ask ChatGPT to give me back a response in HTML. Now I would like to use this output in a Google Docs template with a placeholder {{gpt_response}}. I have tried a lot of things, but the HTML format always gets inserted as plain text in Google Docs. I have also tried using markup as the format without look. Is there a way to use HTML or Markup whithin a placeholder in Google Docs? Maybe with a function or filter? Thanks for your help.

PS: i got it work with a new Google Doc, but i would love to use a template and placeholder…

Setting in Scenario

Docs Template with Placeholder

Example Results:

Hey @thomas-bauer
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Can you please share the screenshots of your scenario.

Sachin Shrivastava

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Dear @sachin.shrivastava thank you for your response - i added the Images in my previous post. Thanks for your help.

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Hey @thomas-bauer

Create a Document from Template doesn’t support HTML.

You can do one thing

Use Create a Document Module because it support HTML.
Here you can put your variables of name and Business Branch.

You will all things formatted.

Sachin Shrivastava


Wow, thanks Sachin for your effort to try out this use case. I had the same results - Template not working, but new Doc working. Too bad that’s not possible… But thanks again. Wish you a good day.

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