Google Form Response not mapping all values

Hi all - here is a screenshot of my google form below.

As you can see - question 3 (“Which services does it have?”) is a check-box response. I have checked off 3 options here. Normally, the response here should be registered as the text: “Facebook, Google, Creative” in one string.

Please see the screenshot below for what my scenario looks like. I am playing around with the mapped values and seeing if I can get that string: “Facebook, Google, Creative” to show up in a google doc.

However - the issue I am facing now is that, it is only showing the first value (aka “Facebook”). Please see example below of what the Google Doc has generated from the response in the first screenshot. It is only showing as “Facebook” - how can I get it to show all values selected?

Hi @rambizn,

What you want to do is grab all the values that you get from the Google Form Submission Response using map function and then do a join to get a comma-separated value that you want to then send to Google Docs.

{{join(map(2.answers.53d47889.textAnswers.answers; "value"); ",")}}

Whereby, {{2.answers.53d47889.textAnswers.answers}} is the answers you have in mapping menu,


Hello there @rambizn :wave:

just wanted to check in and ask whether you tried @Runcorn’s solution and made it work.

If yeah, could you share with us your ideas and progress?

Thank you very much for coming back here and keeping us updated. :sunflower:

Hi i had the same isuue and @Runcorn’s solution worked for me