Google sheets search rows getting too many bundles

I am pulling up payments from quickbooks and want to either add a row in Google sheets or update a row in Google sheets if a transaction ID exists.

In Quickbooks there are only 5 invoices. I either want to add an invoice or update an amount if the ID exists but I am getting multiple bundles for this.

Weere am I going wrong?

Hi @Shawn

I could see that you have used the Iterator after the Search module, leading to multiple bundles. To address this problem, follow these steps:

  1. After Quickbooks, use the Search module.
  2. Create a router with one path for bundles greater than 0 (Exist) and another path for bundles equal to 0 (Not Exists).
  3. Connect the Exist path to the Update module, and the other path to the Add Row module.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Doing this without an iterator does not cycle through the Quickbooks 5 collections in this example. In each collection you have a different payment.
When I add the google sheets search rows after, I get a bundle per payment found. I should have a maximum of 5 either updates and/or rows added.

If you want to make several rows in a Google Sheet for the same QuickBooks bundle with multiple bills, do the following steps:

  1. Start by searching in QuickBooks using the search tool.
  2. Use an iterator to handle multiple bills related to the same QuickBooks bundle.
  3. Set up a router to deal with situations where entries either exist or don’t exist, and guide the process accordingly.