Google Watch Row Not Recognizing New Rows Added

I’m trying to create a scenario that will take newly created subscriber information and push the data to a subscriber list in AWeber, but while the scenario says it is running correctly, none of the new subscribers appear within AWeber.

Steps Taken:

  1. Set-up: Google Sheets - Watch Rows
  2. Selected applicable connection, spreadsheet, sheetname, rows, and limits
  3. AWeber connection (did not select ‘deprecated’ option)
  4. Selected appropriate account number and list
  5. Dragged and dropped field names from Google Sheets Watch Rows into AWeber fields

When I run the scenario, the data size comes back as 0, both the input bundle and the output bundle show nothing which makes me think the Google Sheet isn’t being read correctly.

Has anyone ran into a similar issue to this?

Thank you for your help!

I too have been having this issue

If you are getting empty bundle, simply right-click on the module and select where to start. You’ll have multiple options to choose from them. you can select “All” to get all data.

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