Gravity Forms Watch Entries isn't getting latest entries

I have a scenario which should get the latest entries from Gravity Forms and create records in Salesforce.
I have one scenario which works fine, I cloned that and set up the new scenario to get data from a different form, but with the new scenario, it’s getting the first entries from years ago not the latest ones.
I tried setting it up without cloning but got the same result.

I’m using Watch entries on the Gravity forms module and create a record on the Salesforce one. Alos, it’s scheduled to check every 15 minutes.

When I manually specify a date to start from, for example from today, it gets today’s records fine.
I can’t find any differences between the scenario that works which I set up yesterday, and the two I’ve tried setting up today.

How can I get it to get the latest records?
Any help would be great! Thanks

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Go to the Epoch Panel, by right-clicking on the trigger module (polling triggers only), and select “Choose where to start” from the list of options in the context menu.

If you select “From now on”, the next time the scenario runs it will only return new data (or nothing if there is no new data).

For more information, see

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That works! It’s a bit strange as I didn’t have to do that for the other 2 scenarios I have.
Thank you!