Gravity Forms Trigger Trouble

Hi all,

We’ve recently commenced with Make, and like it so much we’ve started re-creating flows from another “known” product.

Once common flow we use has Gravity Forms new entries as a trigger which then creates a Lead in Zendesk Sell.

The issue we’re having is Gravity is not triggering. I have it set to run on demand and a starting point of one week ago (this is so we have an overlap…we can deal with duplicates).

Is there a “trick” to using the Gravity forms module?

Note: I know it’s not triggering as the flow in the “other” product is triggering and that flow and the Make flow are pointing to the same form.

Many thanks - 1st post from a new user :slight_smile:


Gravity Forms has a trigger for Watch Entries. So you can configure it in the first place in your scenario.

However, I think the issue is with your scenario scheduling. Instead of On Demand (a manual trigger) change it to time-based scheduling.

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Thanks @Manish_GrowwStacks ,

I was using the “Watch Entries” trigger, but had it set to run on demand, assuming that meant it would run whenever there was a new entry.

Changing it to a time based schedule as you suggested appears to have resolved my issue.



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