Gravity form firing with old data


My scenario was working as intended until recently, it started trying to run very old data (form data for 2 years ago). As the form 2 years ago does not have the same fields it is causing constant errors and is using unnecessary executions. I cannot understand why this would happen suddenly, I currently have the schedule set to fire every hour.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Go to the Epoch Panel, by right-clicking on the trigger module (polling triggers only), and select “Choose where to start” from the list of options in the context menu.

If you select “From now on”, the next time the scenario runs it will only return new data (or nothing if there is no new data).

For more information, see

If the module still returns old data, it could be that the trigger module also watches for CHANGES to existing items?


Thank you so much for the reply. Unfortunately, it seems that it defaulted to ‘from now on’ and so I’m not sure that is the issue. Moreover, these forms have not been changed for years, it is bizzare. I can see on wordpress that gravity forms is not updated, could this be the issue?

I am also having an issue with getting files into mondays in the above workflow, do you think they could be related? any help there would be greatly appreciated.

How is your Gravity Forms settings/fields set up?

Please share screenshots of relevant module fields in question? It would really help other community members to see what you’re looking at.

You can upload images here using the Upload icon in the text editor:

Following these steps will allow others to assist you here. Thanks!


Of course! my gravity form is designed to watch entries and is scheduled to run the below workflow every hour and pass the form entries (text and images) primarily to mondays (no issues with excel or slack). please see my workflow below:


Apart from the form randomly sending old data, I seem to have an issue setting up a file upload to mondays. At current, we have a form on our site that passes an array of links (amongst other information) corresponding to the images customers upload when filling in the forms (these may vary from 0-10 files). I would like to upload these images into the the relevant mondays row of which is already self populating with the form contents (no problems here). I have been able to do this for all the string data but have had issues passing on these images. I am aware that Mondays do not allow the upload of files by links so I have used an iterator and an HTTP module to seperate and download the files before they are uploaded to Mondays, but this is not working. Although I recieve no errors, nothing appears on my dashboard. Any help would be greatly appreciated, my flow can be seen below:



Any help would be greatly appreciated!