Grouping bundles into one bundle and sending email

Haven’t came across the need to do this yet and am a bit stumped.

This scenario reads google sheet rows and if the qty is greater than zero it pulls the data from other columns in same row to create Purchase Orders in Xero.

There’s about 250 items we use on projects regularly and 200 of them come from two vendors, the other 50 are small random things that we don’t create PO’s for.

One of the columns in the sheet specifies vendor. “Vendor A”, “Vendor B”, and “Other”.

Each project is different, some could have no “Other” vendor items, some could have a dozen.

Filtering the bundles to vendor A and Vendor B works just fine.

Now I’m trying to filter the “Other” bundles and create a pipedrive activity and send an email to the project manager of what still needs to be sourced.

I can’t figure out how to group all those bundles into one readable format. Obviously using multiple bundles I get multiple activity’s and emails.

Screenshot 2023-07-14 104332

Hi @jbuesking,

What is the format that you want to create for the activity, by which I mean the readable format that you want?

You can use Text Aggregator instead of Array Aggregrator if you want to create readable format or even use the array Aggregator output for it.

Thanks, was trying to do that and for some reason it’s only adding the first bundle.

Screenshot 2023-07-14 130833

Ok… I see I didn’t need the array aggregator and got it working.

The only issue I’m having now is each item is on the same line. I assume when sending the email I can use html, but with pipedrive activity’s html is not allowed.

Is there a way to get each item on a separate


Seems this is an issue with pipedrive activity’s and can’t be fixed as the output looks correct.
Screenshot 2023-07-14 104332

Notes support <br> HTML tag for new line. So, it might work with the module you are currently using.

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You are correct, I just realized when looking at the pipedrive documentation.

Got it all working. Thanks for your help.

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