Handling http requests that take longer to respond than 300ms


for some automations in Moodle I need to call an API endpoint to duplicate a course and run some clean ups on this course after the duplication is finished.

The issue is that the request takes up to 10 minutes to finish (when tesing via a postman call).
When I run the request in Make the module ends with an error since the response was not recieved in the 300ms time window.
Somehow it seems that Make also tells Moodle to stop the process (abort the request) and I end up with incomplete courses.

Do you know how handle such a case?

At the moment I only see the options:

  1. Find a way to extend the timout of the http module so the scenarion can continue when the response is recieved. Sadly, I think this is not an option at the moment
  2. Find a way to not abort the request. Some kind of fire and forget and e.g. after 15 minutes I start a second scenario to do the cleanup. But I don´t know how to this?

Thanks for your help!

Hi. I think you have no option for this case. Make timeout can’t be by passed.

If you need additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.