How can I find out if a record/row does not exist?

I’m trying to sync my CRM with my Database. So I want to know if a contact already exists or not. I’m using Seatable as a Database, and there isn’t a module to search for a specific record. So, I though, I just get a list of all the records/contacts and filter them. Every record/contact comes in a Bundle and for that reason, I have no idea if the contact doesn’t exist.

This was my first idea, but it clearly doesn’t work. Because if I have 500 contacts (and the specific contact I am looking for already exists) in the Database, Make would go 499 times the second route and add 499 times the same contact, and one time the upper route and would update the right contact once.

Has someone any Idea how I can make that work? I hope I explained it good enough. I am relatively new to Make, so maybe I overlooked something.

Hi @Franz,

There is two way to do this,

  1. Based on your existing scenario, what you can do is, after the List Rows Module, add an array aggregator, and in between add a filter to check if first name and last name matches that to SeaTable records. This will limit the operation use plus it will ensure that your other modules will not be executed multiple times based on this. Once this is done, keep the router that you have currently setup and instead do a filter based on, if array length is not equal to 0, Create new row and if it is not 0 then Update the Row. In the array aggregator you can aggregate the rowId that you can use for Update.
  2. The second option will be to utilize, Make an API module in Seatable and run the query based on this document.
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Thank you very much. That was the information I needed!