How can I get the Parent_Message_ID of a message in SLACK

I am using the list replies module for SLACK and that module requires a parent_message_id. Now I was able to get the client_message_id of messages in SLACK and thought that client_message_id is the same as parent_message_id but it keeps returning a “Thred Not Found” error. Now my question would be, how and where can I find the parent_message_id of a message in SLACK?

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It’s not clear (well, it’s not clear in the Slack API docs either really) but the Parent message ID is in fact based on a parameter called timestamp.

There’s a hint to this in the UI for the List Replies module:

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Thank you for the reply sir! I tried to use the message timestamp as the Parentmessage ID but still returns a thread not found error


The only thing I can think is that there is no message with that timestamp for that user’s IM channel.

If you’ve investigated and you’re sure there is, please post screenshots of your full Make scenario, together with screenshots of the parameter pages for the List Replies module as well as the module that provides the timestamp value.

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