How can I update Select based on Status [Formula]?


I’m a newbie to Despite watching some videos and I’m still having the hard to time to understand how to setup an automation that auto matches ‘Status’ [Select] to ‘Status EPC’ [Formula] whenever text inside ‘Status EPC’ changes. Hope someone can help.

  1. What trigger and modules should I use to achieve this automation?
  2. What should I setup inside? ← This is very difficult part for me.

Hey @reo,

Could you give a little more information about what you’re trying to build? It looks like you’re working with Notion. What formula is in Status (EPC)? What should happen exactly when Status changes?


Hey @reo
Here’s how you’d set it up:

  1. Trigger: Watch database item
    Filter: Use filter to only trigger on when Formula is updated
  2. Update a database item (Key would be Status, value type: select, value: MAP IT TO THE FORMULA)

Hi @make_expert, thank you for the tutorial! It was helpful.

However, what should I put for PAGE ID?

I also set it up accordingly, but I’m not sure if I’m doing it right. I get error for running the senario.

Hi @NocodeNoah,

I’m trying to build an automation where “Status” [select] matches to the exact same text as shown inside “Status (EPC)” [formula]. It should update “Status” whenever “Status (EPC)” changes, say from [:white_check_mark: Needs More Testing] to [:stop_sign: Terrible], then “Status” will reflect it and show [:stop_sign: Terrible] inside the Select.

Formula is automatically calculated and changes whenever I update certain numbers inside the database.

if(prop("Total Clicks Sent") == 0, "⬜️ Untested", if(prop("Total Clicks Sent") < 200 and empty(prop("Total Net Sales")), "✅ Needs More Testing", if(prop("Avg EPC") >= 3, "👑 Exceptional", if(prop("Avg EPC") >= 2, "🌟 Superb", if(prop("Avg EPC") >= 1, "🟡 Excellent", if(prop("Avg EPC") >= 0.5, "🟣 Good", if(prop("Avg EPC") >= 0.28, "🔵 Average", if(prop("Avg EPC") >= 0.1, "🔴 Bad", if(prop("Avg EPC") >= 0.01, "🛑 Terrible", "⛔️ Don’t Promote")))))))))

Hey @reo,

Sounds like you’re almost there, the only thing left to do is enter the page ID. You can just select this from the ‘Watch Databse Items’ trigger. Same as with the Database ID.

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Hi Mark, thank you I tried it but ran a test but doesn’t seem to work.