Using Make to delete a row of database based on 'Select' status of another Database

Hi everyone!

New to Notion and Make with beginner background in coding so forgive my simple question and would appreciate a layman explanation!

I have 2 independent databases, namely the “Master Database” and 'Engineer Database".

I have already devised an automation on Make where the “Engineer Database” will periodically feed information (rows) into the “Master Database”. The screenshot below shows the “Master Database” fed from “Engineers Database”.

From here, what I need is that whenever a manager updates the “status” (it is a Select property) of a specific row, from Raised to any other Status value, Make will automatically delete that specific row only in “Engineer Database”. Below is an example of the “Engineer Database”

From the 2 pictures above, it is noted that the Manager has updated B001, B002 and D001 into any status other than ‘Raised’, but in ‘Engineer’s Database’, the affected data is only B001 and D001, so I want to create a workflow that only deletes B001 and D001 and remain A001 because its status remained as “Raised” and has not been updated to any other Status.

Below is the overview of the workflow module on what I’ve done and the problem I’ve encountered.

When I run the workflow above, it deletes all 3 rows; B001, D001 and A001 so I suspect the filter I set up in module 2 (Search Object) is wrong, but I just don’t know what is wrong and what to key in to make it right. Below is the Settings in Module 2.

I only want Make to delete the row in “engineer database” if Status is not equal to “Raised” in Master Database.

Sorry for the long explanation and any help is appreciated!

Hi @Leo_Chua

To address your problem, after completing the “Watch Master Database by Update” step, utilize the search module in the Engineer Db to find the corresponding row with the same “Aa Raiser” value (in order to obtain the matching name). Subsequently, apply a filter, to item where the Status value is not equal, and then proceed to the delete module.

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Hi MSquare,

Thx for the reply!

I’ve changed the search object module setting to find ‘Engineer’ Raiser Equal to 'Master" Raiser, and then applied a filter on the route to delete module.

Run once, and it seemed that it only deletes B001, but D001 is remained. Why?

Also, the ending of the page delete module gave an error as shown below, what does it mean when it says missing value parameter ‘block_id’?

After the execution, D001 was not deleted:

Oh, I think I have found out why it only deletes B001 but not D001.

My filter settings is as below:


5. Properties Value: Status: Name is from my Master Database.

I think inserting 5. Properties Value: Status: Name only checks for status of “Rejected” and use it to compare with my engineer “Raised” status.

There are other status such as “In Stock” and “Purchased”, so how do I include these additional status into my “Filter” settings?

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