How can I use chatGPT4 and connect the gpt plugin

How can I use chatGPT4 and connect the gpt plugin


GPT-4 becomes accessible once you’ve used enough of their APIs to owe OpenAI at least some minimum amount. Once you’ve made your first payment, GPT-4 will be available for you to use.

If you require additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
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Yes gpt4 is the pro plan but I need to know If I have gpt4 plan already and I want to connect gpt4 plugins in our flow so our bot reply according to plugin which in connected to gpt4?

Do not buy ChatGPT Plus (ChatGPT 4), it doesn’t work on Make

“ChatGPT Plus” (ChatGPT-4) and “OpenAI GPT-4” models are two separate products.

You might have bought the consumer chat “Plus” version at, which is NOT compatible with Make.

Make uses the “OpenAI GPT-4 models”, only accessible via the OpenAI developer platform.

“ChatGPT Plus” (ChatGPT-4) and ChatGPT plugins are NOT ALLOWED to be used outside of by OpenAI (company). This is not a Make problem.

OpenAI APIs for developer (commercial) use does not have any free plan.

To resolve this issue,

  1. You can buy credits on the OpenAI Developer Dashboard, under Accounts > Billing page

  2. Next, go to the Usage Limits page, and set the Monthly budget field to the same as the value above (e.g.: 120), then save your changes.


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ok thank you, I have already setup this changes. Now How can I connect plugins here like How can I add financial gpt app so my bot react as financial advisor?

Please see the above.

ok thank you!

Is this setting are fine? both gpt4 and flow.

Yes, the module looks fine. However, you still cannot use ChatGPT plugins.

then how it will work like custom plugin if I added in the gpt?

Please read the above. I have said you cannot use ChatGPT plugins in Make.

This is because the OpenAI company has limited it to use only on their ChatGPT website.

You can submit a feature request to OpenAI, to allow their ChatGPT plugins to be used via the OpenAI API.

There is currently no workaround because OpenAI does not allow it to be used externally.


Oh, ok thank you. Let me check what I can do for it.

How can I create financial advisor who makes commission of trading volumes and gives objective advice that will help me to be more successful? Also act like a human being don’t talk like a robot. Is this possible in your

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