How can user of my app use Oauth with their login

I’m building a fitness app that sync with 3rd party services like the Fitbit API and/or Google Fit. I can of course connect to the API when using my personal log in details via scenario builder, however, when I take this to the next stage, my users will need the scenarios to run as them (the user) and authorise with their personal accounts.

How would I manage this with In power automate, if a different user runs the automation, it asks them to login, how do I do this in

Hi @Wayne_Simpson,

There is two way to do this,

  1. You can create a Custom App for your fitness app on itself, this way users can use your app and then add the connection associated with them.
  2. When you complete the Scenario, you can export it as a blueprint and share it with your customers. This way, once the blueprint is imported then they can add their login in credentials.