How do I create a scenario that monitors the “address” field on the WooCommerce order?

Good morning. i would like to create a scenario that monitors the “address” field on the woocommerce order. in particular, I want to check if the house number has been entered. otherwise, if the house number is missing, I want to receive an alert via telegram.
I’m using a Text parser that parses that specific field with regular expression \b\d+\b.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t send messages to those who lack street numbers. I set the filter like that. it’s correct? is it correct the expression?
A thousand thanks


Enable the Continue the execution fo the route even if the module finds no matches. This will make sure that even if there is no result it will execute the filter and next module.

Alternatively, You can ditch the Text Parser Module and instead, simply use the filter,

Screenshot from 2023-05-17 15-17-51

Use doesn’t match pattern.

you are a genius!
I only used the filter as you said and it works! but I encountered a small problem; also sent the control alert for this address: “Via Leonardo Fibonacci 5R”. I guess it depends on whether there is an R next to the number. how can i fix? thank you with all my heart!!!

You can just regex to be \b\d+

thank u so much!!!

sorry mate, I have a small problem with an address like this, it triggers the alert even though it shouldn’t: via roma n58.
maybe it’s that final dot. do you suggest any changes to the expression? thanks a lot!

Not sure, what is the usecase for this, but maybe a simple solution like, searching if number exists in a string will be the better solution for this.


Just make sure you have filter that says if empty on Text Parser result.