How do I find the Redirect URI to use for a connection? Webflow in particular


I’m pretty new to Make but thought I was making good progress until I tried to integrate with webflow

I’ve attempted to create a connection between the two but the Client ID & Secret I’m given in Webflow when used give me a Bad request message.

I’ve seen all sorts of Redirect URIs in posts and Make documentation - which is VERY confusing - and am using

Would appreciate any guidance as this is pretty key to my plans


Hi Mike,

Make provides us with an “out of the box” integration with Webflow.
All that is needed from your end is to provide Make with your client id and client secret

i.e there is no need for you to provide the redirect URL explicitly.

You can read more on Make’s integration with Webflow here

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Harsh for taking the time to reply.

If I take the Redirect URI out I get “App redirect URI is required”

If I put it back in ( and use the Client ID & Secret generated, take it back into Make, I then get:



Ohh I see now, what you are trying to accomplish.

On Make’s end (i.e when you are authorizing Make with Webflow) you simply have to do the following

  1. Create a new scenario on Make

  2. Add the Webflow module to the newly created Make scenario

  3. Click “Create a connection” on the above added Webflow module (do not touch any values under the advance settings i.e leave the client id and client secret blank)

  4. Click “Save”

  5. A popup will open up asking you to authorize your Webflow account with Make. Go ahead and grant Make authorization to your Webflow account.

FYI There is no need for you to then enter the Client id and Client Secret on Make’s end.
As such there is no need for you to even create an app on Webflow for generating the client id and client secret.


Amazing! Thanks Harsh, sorted

Why on connections for other things do I need to click advanced and enter the ID & Secret but not in this case?

Really appreciate you taking the time to help!!