How to add an address type custom field to the Clickup task using "Create a task (advanced)" module?

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Using the “Create a task (advanced)” method, I’m attempting to add a new task to Clickup. Since I need to localize a specific list for this task using its ID (It’s a scenario variable from a previous step), I connot use the standard “Create a task” method.

A specific task field ID and its value must be provided when creating the task. The majority of fields don’t have any issues, but an Address field causes issues. The problem is that an address field must have declared latitude, longitude, and the “formatted address name” in order to be effectively transmitted to Clickup.

But “Create a task (advanced)” method, only allows me to send the field ID and its value - there is no space for latitude, longitude, and the formatted address.

I tried adding an array to this field, but it still didn’t work. But maybe my array is incorrect as I’n not verry fluent with this:(

advanced module  data

Please help

Hi. Is the Item 7 an array type field in clickUP?

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I also found the information that Clickup needs for this custom field.

@MarPas Yes unfortunately that is not going to work with the “Advanced” module.
I recommend you either use the “Make an API call” module and add this specific custom field via an API call, or you use the default “Create a task” module.

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Hi @Bjorn.drivn ,

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately using “Make an API call” module results form me with infinitive well known error “401 OAUTH_027: Team not authorized.” on a Clickup side : ( see this (How to Fix Authorization Errors?).

I assume, that the only choice I have left is to manage the more than 50 possible paths that this scenario could take by using the default “Create a task” module and adding an additional router before it.

To be quite honest, I’m uncertain whether this is even possible. :frowning:

@MarPas Well if you immediately get this error, it’s not related to the post you’ve put here. That post is about a sort of “Time-Out” when you run a lot of calls (seen this as well at our clients).
But if you get this error straight away, your authorized user doesn’t have enough permissions.

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