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Remember all the buzz of the first day of school? The logistics of choosing your class schedule, finding your classrooms, meeting new people, and first-day activities? So exciting, right?!

Well, out in the real world, there are lots of first days that a business will need to arrange. Not just one day, once per year to greet newcomers and get everyone up to speed.

Whether you’re bringing on new hires, freelancers, clients, or partners, the onboarding process takes a lot of time to plan and execute - and you may not always have much time to get prepared, either. All of this admin can be pretty draining for businesses, especially when it’s done almost entirely manually.

:brain: Fabio Oliva - Make partner and founder of Workflowed - fully automated the onboarding process for his clients, and enabled the entire thing to be personalized, too. Now, external folks get a friendly, customized experience that helps them get into their roles faster, and internal teams barely need to lift a finger to make it happen.

:open_book: Read on for the full conversation with Fabio, and discover how his methods can save companies about two weeks’ worth of work every year.

fabio oliva

Fabio - the man behind the automation

What problem were you trying to solve with your automation?

We automate full onboarding processes of agencies and save several hours of work with each run.

Why did the problem exist?

Every done-for-you service most likely has some sort of client onboarding. Most onboarding processes are still done very, very manually: emails sent manually, proposals sent as PDFs, folders created manually, files uploaded manually, etc. A “typical” agency has, let’s say, 25 new clients per year. That’s 3-5 hours for each client, which add up to +100 hours of work. That’s 2 weeks of work. Not to mention the stress. It’s time to cut all of that in 2022, and that’s what we have built.

How did you solve the problem? What does your solution look like?

Every onboarding starts with a trigger. Typically a (digital) contract is signed. After that, the magic begins. We use the data from the proposal to create folders, personalized Google Slides presentations, time tracking, project management tasks, trigger Slack notifications, send welcome emails to the client, and much more. The new client receives a personalized email and also a personalized onboarding form. The company has everything set up and ready to go, without even batting an eyelash.

an example of an automated onboarding process

What did your solution achieve?

  • reduced manual work
  • increased productivity
  • improved customer experiences
  • increased team & customer satisfaction
  • enhances business scalability

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