Automating Workflow Efficiency: Creating Google Drive Folders with Status Changes in

Hello guys.
Tired of the manual back-and-forth between your Monday board and Google Drive? Say hello to efficiency with the power of automation! :rocket:

Scenario Overview:

:arrows_counterclockwise: Trigger: Status Change in Monday Board

  • When your Monday board’s status hits “Onboarding,” kicks into action, making sure you’re always one step ahead.

:mag: Search in Google Drive:

  • Hunting for files? Let the scenario do the work, effortlessly searching your Google Drive for the right items.

:open_file_folder: Create Folder if Not Found:

  • If it’s not there, got your back! Automatically create a fresh folder and update your Monday board—all in one smooth move.

:file_folder: Nested Folders for Enhanced Organization:

  • Elevate your organization game! Dive deep with sub-folders, keeping everything tidy without breaking a sweat.


:briefcase: Efficiency:

  • Bid farewell to manual tasks. handles folder creation and updates, letting you focus on what truly matters.

:dart: Accuracy:

  • Human error? Not on watch. Ensure consistent, error-free updates aligned with your workflow.

:handshake: Enhanced Collaboration:

  • Keep the team in the loop! Real-time updates on the Monday board ensure everyone’s on the same page, minus the communication chaos.

How to Set it Up:

:link: Integrate with Monday and Google Drive:

  • Connect the dots! Integrate your Monday board and Google Drive seamlessly with

:level_slider: Configure Trigger:

  • Set the magic in motion! Configure the trigger to activate when your Monday board status shouts “Onboarding.”

:hammer_and_wrench: Customize Folder Creation:

  • Make it yours. Tailor the scenario—define folder names, structures, and sprinkle in the details that matter to you.

:arrow_forward: Activate and Monitor:

  • Hit the button! Activate your scenario and watch the automation symphony unfold. got this!

Say farewell to manual headaches and usher in the era of streamlined onboarding. Let, Monday, and Google Drive team up for your hassle-free success! :rocket::globe_with_meridians: #AutomationRevolution #EfficiencyUnleashed

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