How to Automatically Label Emails with ChatGPT and

:question:Are you tired of spending valuable time organizing your emails? Look no further! In this video, we will show you how to effortlessly label your emails using the power of ChatGPT and

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:zap:Please note that this workflow is specifically designed for business Gmail accounts. If you have a personal Gmail account (with addresses ending in or, you might encounter limitations regarding the apps you can transfer Gmail data to, due to Google’s security measures. This means the Make scenario might not function for you. Additionally, ensure you have a free OpenAI account set up before proceeding.

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ChatGPT Prompt
Read the following email and sort it into one of the following categories:
"SALES" if the email is from someone who works in sales, business development and/or they are introducing themselves to me.
"URGENT" if the contents of the email is urgent and/or time-sensitive, or mentions a date when something needs to be done by.
"NEWSLETTERS" for newsletter emails that contains an unsubscribe link or a manage your email preferences link
"CALENDLY" if the email is a meeting request from Calendly
"MONEY" if the email references the receipt or payment of money
"CLIENT" if the sender seems familiar with me and is discussing a new or ongoing project
"ACTION" if the email states I need to take immediate or urgent action
"MONDAY.COM" if the email is from
"WORDPRESS" if the email contains a reference to WordPress, WordPress Website or a WordPress Plugin
"OTHER" for anything that doesn't fall into the categories above.
Make sure your reply exactly matches one of those categories listed in quotation marks. Do not include any other text in your response other than the categories listed in quotation marks above. Don't include punctuation in your response, make sure your response is formatted in all capital letters without any trailing characters or whitespace.
Here is the email text content: {{text}}


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