Gmail ChatGPT DIFFERENCE between Categorie Modul or letting ChatGPT categoriesing it

Hello. This is a tricky question for me. Hope someone has the answer.

I found different videos on how to use gmail organisation, labeling etc with

Some use a modul named “categories” to categorise all the e-mails, others use a chatgpt modul and a prompt like "categorise all e-mails based on the following categories 1. xxxxx 2.xxxxx etc.

Can someone please explain what the difference might be? Which one is better?

I want to:

  1. first label all the e-mail
  2. categorise them (either with the “categorie modul or chatgpt prompt”
  3. Answer with specific prompts or GPTs based on the categorie

Thanks in advance.


Hello! Welcome to the Make Community!

Can you send me a link the the video where they talk about a Categorize module? I’ve never heard of it.

For ChatGPT, are you setting all your prompt as “System” or are you also using “User” to send the emails? And, do you want to send only the subjects or their content as well?


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Hey Benjamin, thank you for your reply! I appriciate!

Here is the video. I think its not needed. Either I solve this through a prompt or with individual GPT assistents for each szenario.

Prompt (simple example) : check all emails based on this criteria: Criteria 1, Criteria 2, Criteria 3 etc (each of course is explained in detail.

IF Criteria 1 fits, choose GPT Assistent for Sales, IF Criteria 2 fits choose GPT Assistent for Support.

I think thats the best, right? So the GPT is trainied especially for support or sales or what ever with dozens of documents and prompts, examples etc.

And on top, it even gets trained and better with every execution.

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This seems to be an amazing use-case!! I never used GPTs so I don’t know how this would be configured, but what you described seem doable in a Make scenario. The only real difficulty is how to do correct prompts, but it can be done.

I would super excited to see the outcome of your use-case when it’s done.

Let us know in the Community if you have any technical issue so that we can try and help.