How to change font style and formatting for html content emails?

I am trying to send emails with baserow + Send Email node but formatting and font styling is not correct. Any suggestions how it can be modified? See screenshots:


Hi @aditodkar,

are you using the general “Email” Module?
There you have an option between HTML based text editor or plain-text.

How should the result look like to you? :slight_smile:
Maybe send a screenshot of the current setup, then we can troubleshoot there :slight_smile:


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I want it to look like default font size and formatting which is present in gmail. Screenshot for reference:

I am using email module + baserow setup

Alright, then you need to know the default font size of Gmail and use it like explained here for example: In HTML, how can I change the size of text on my web page?

There might be a lot offer other solutions to but this is how I’d approach It :slight_smile:

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Just curious to know using html content for emails will impact email deliverability or not?