How to connect HUE

Hello guys,

I’m a newbie here and I try to find out how all of this integromat automation thing works.
Is there a moreless simple way to connect my Philips HUE system. I was searching the web, but couldn’t find anything. Hard to believe that I’m the only one who wants to make lights turn on when I receive an email. :stuck_out_tongue: Or it’s so easy that no one is asking and I don’t see it.

So I would really appreciate it if someone can help and tell me if there is already an integrated app or another workaround.

Best, Sebastian

Does HUE Have a public api? Let me google that for you.

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Seems like it does have an API @alex.newpath , unfortunately it looks like this is not for the World Wide Web @Sebastian_Hubsch .
Make is a platform focussed on building integrations with open & hosted APIs. Something like philips hue is going to be difficult to connect since that is all happening locally.

Since I am a heom automation fan as well, you could take a look at or
Hope that helps you!

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